Freedom for the Spanish people

SpainCoin is a decentralised peer-to-peer cryptocurrency; it is not controlled by banks or governments.
Coins will be given away to the Spanish people so that they can start using their own cryptocurrency for their purchases and financial freedom.

Coin distribution has started!



PoW algorithm

Scrypt-n adaptive

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Coin supply

Total coins: 50,000,000 SPA

Initial coins per block: 100 SPA

Block target: 2 minutes


50%, to be distributed among Spanish citizens

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Difficulty adjustment

Every block (Kimoto's gravity well)

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Reward halving

Block reward halving every 8 months (non-linear, recalculated every block to avoid big jumps in block reward).

All coins will have been mined after 4.8 years


Premined coins will be distributed in several stages, starting a month after the coin is released.

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  • "It's called free market. And distributing the coins is not at all unconceivable (...) using the electronic ID chip, and several stages to give away the premine.

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Frequently asked questions

Why SpainCoin?

Bitcoin has shown us that we can use a currency not created by states or banks. After the financial crisis, the massive and irresponsible indebtment, along with the government's mismanagement, the Spanish people are fed up. SpainCoin is born in these circumstances, created by the people and for the people, who have been affected by the crisis and mistreated by the banks and the government.

Using SpainCoin is a way for the individual to get back his freedom and have 100% control over his money and assets, breaking free from the shackles of central banks. Unlike other cryptocoins, less accessible for the general population, SpainCoin will be distributed among all Spaniards.

What do I need to use SpainCoin?

¡The Spaincoin wallet! You can download it here, on this page.

How do I mine coins?

You can use several miners for Scrypt-n GPU mining. Common scrypt miners like cgminer won't work, you need vertminer or a similarly modified miner.

Additionally, we recommend that you read this to adjust your miner's settings for Scrypt-n. Bear in mind you'll get half the hashrate on Scrypt-n, compared to Scrypt. It's the same for everyone, you're not at a disadvantage.

How are the pre-mined coins distributed?

We will wait a month after launch for the coin to stabilise and for some services to be created for it. Then the distribution will start, in several stages, in which Spanish citizens will be able to request their SpainCoins, making use of their electronic ID card (Dni-e) to verify that they receive their coins only once.

We have published the addresses for the premined coins so you will be able to trace them.

For more in-depth details, visit our coin distribution blog page.

When I request coins, do you store my personal data?

No. We store a hash (a result of a non-reversible operation with some of your data) that will let us check if you come asking for coins again, but we can't extract your personal information from that hash. We don't collect your data so your data isn't at risk.

Why is this better than other coins?

There will be a big incentive for Spaniards to use the coin, as it's being distributed for free. Compared to other similar coins, Spain's population is huge and so is the potential for SpainCoin.

By giving away a significant amount of the coins to be created (50%) to people who don't have access to, or don't even know anything about cryptocurrencies, we expect to achieve massive adoption of the coin in the long run, and above all, educate the public about the existence of cryptocurrencies. It is an incentive for the general population just like the block reward (subsidy) is an incentive for the miners.

Technically, it incorporates several improvements compared to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

How can I help SpainCoin?

There are many ways of helping SpainCoin succeeed:

  • Tell everyone about it! Share on Twitter and Facebook, tell your friends and family.
  • Build an associated service (pools, faucets, exchanges, payment services, tipbots, games...)
  • Simply use or mine SpainCoin
  • Accept SpainCoin as payment for goods or services.